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Sonkei Cross Hatch Face Mask

  • In Japan a mask is worn regularly on public transport out of respect for others. That’s why we named our Oku Den masks Sonkei, the Japanese word for respect. (You pronounce it, song-kay). 

It has been a blessing to be a manufacturer in Melbourne, as we have the best support to help everyone mask up. We have a great understanding around masks, fabrics, breathing and also looking and feeling fine in one.

Our masks are made from a high thread-count, 100% cotton fabric.  It has a triple layer fabric with a filter pocket. we have a nose wire which helps seal over the nose. New fibers and prints are being sampled right now.

Small  25cm across 11cm Deep with open elastic 

Medium 27cm across 12.5 cm Deep with open elastic                      

Large  29cm across 14cm Deep with open elastic. The sizes can vary a little depending on the fabric.

We supply 1 Charcoal PM2.5 Filter with each mask. 

Cotton masks are a fashionable way to keep the wearer from breathing in large particles, like car exhaust, air pollution and pollen. They are not conceived of as a way to protect you from acquiring Covid-19. However, the US CDC believes these masks could help slow the spread of the Coronavirus since other types of masks are no longer widely available.   

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