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About Oku Den

We want the online experience for Oku Den shoppers to match what we do person-to-person in our two retail stores in Melbourne's Northcote and Hurstbridge.

In our bricks & morter stores we endorse and train our staff with a philosphy and service ideal which we have taken from Ichi-go ichi-e a philosophical concept that describes treasuring the transient nature of a moment. Ichi-go ichi-e dictates that you need to cherish each encounter as if it were the only one in your lifetime. this idiom is applied to our philosophy with customer service.

Also Omotenashi describes satisfying others’ need without being asked to do so.

“There are no things small enough if they result in greater experience for a customer.”

So our challenge to convert this to online..In everything we sell – from our own range of warm, Classic, Japanese influenced, clothing, to our glorious Japanese ceramics and homewares, from our exclusive jewellery to our scarves, wallets, handbags, gloves and more –

About our Melbourne made clothing

At Oku Den we are, simply, "finders and makers of beautiful things". And it starts with our OKU range of clothing. Timeless, simple, practical, beautiful clothing, that always feels good to wear, that's relaxed and real. And all made here in Melbourne Australia from natural fibres, much sourced and imported exclusively from Japan.

Pants, Tunics, tops, Dresses and Accessories. We often use cottons and linens, enduringly beautiful, coupled with many limited edition cotton prints. All designed, cut, sewn and finished in-house in Melbourne by our team of dedicated and experienced artisans.

OKU clothing is unique, a perfect marriage of design and quality. Original cuts, impeccable craftsmanship, a beautiful fit, imaginative yet amazingly practical styles.

About Oku.

Many people ask Oku  where her name, Oku Den, comes from. The words are drawn from ancient Japanese, and refer to the hidden mystery, the secret essence uncovered and revealed, the innate harmony underlying all things.

They reflect Oku's creative life journey, finding the mystery in history, inspired by old kimonos that became unique bags, old tents that became tipis and yurts, old letterpress and typewriter keys that became bracelets and necklaces, old Japanese stencils that became extraordinary framed art, old Japanese furniture that became coveted household showpieces.

At Oku Den, the mystery in remastered jewellery, clothing, homewares and accessories takes both personal shopping and gift giving to a whole new level. We are an emporium of worldly treasures transporting customers into their own hidden mystery.

Become inspired. Browse our site. Shop joyfully, knowing that we are equally as fanatical about your online experience as we are in our street-front stores. Customer service isn't just part of what we do; it's our entire company.

At Oku Den, face to face or online, we remind ourselves every day of the ancient Japanese proverb which says, "The reputation of a thousand years may be undermined by the conduct of one hour."