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Japanese Kitchen Towel - flower

[2 DIFFERENT FABRIC IN 1 CLOTH] The patterned top layer is 100% cotton and the bottom layer is 100% rayon mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is the same as that used in mosquito nets, manufactured in the last mosquito net producing region of Japan. The double-layer will give the cloth that stiff, sturdy feel but when washed with water, it would become soft and supple. The combination of the two different fabric makes our Kaya Kitchen Cloth so unique in which it has the excellent absorbency and is strong and quick to dry.

[EXCELLENT ABSORBENCY] Our Kaya Kitchen Cloth has one side of just rayon mesh fabric in which rayon yarn is 1.3 times more water-absorbing than cotton. You can quickly remove all the oil stains in your kitchen with our Kaya Kitchen Cloth and also use it to mop spilled liquids. Our unique and specialized layered texture weave in our Kaya fabric has excellent breathability and is quick-drying which allows it to be used hygienically.

[CUTE DESIGNS] Who would have imagined that cleaning cloths can also have such cute designs and patterns. Our eco-friendly cleaning cloths have simple pastel color patterns that are like no other cleaning cloths. Each unique design of our cloths will truly elevate your kitchen aesthetics. Our original patterns and artworks on our Kaya Kitchen cloth would let you clean with style. The colorful simple designs are just eye-catching but don’t let the beautiful design fool you, they are also very functional. There are so many ways you can use this cloth such as wiping down countertops and tables, using it as a face towel, handkerchief and so much more!

[SOFT TEXTURE] When using for the first time, our Kaya Kitchen cloth appears to be rigid and taut due to the starch. Wash out the starch with warm water before using and the Kaya Kitchen cloth would change to a soft texture. Enjoy the unique texture of the Kaya cloths and its extreme softness. The feel and texture would be different from your typical dishcloth and would truly be a whole another experience! Do not use chlorinated bleach as it may cause deterioration of the product.

[REUSABLE + MADE IN JAPAN] Cut down all the waste on using disposable kitchen cloths and kitchen rolls by using our Kaya Kitchen Cloth! The super-absorbent cloth will replace many rolls of paper towels and will truly help the environment. Our cloth is durable, eco-friendly, and is truly an asset to have around in the house. It is made and designed in Japan.

Product Size(inch): L/11.8×W/11.8×H/0.1

Materials: Cotton 100% (Face Side), Rayon 100% (Back Side)

Color Variation:  Flower Blue.

Made in Japan.

Collections: Kitchen

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