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Jen Sievers Double Pippi Drop Earrings

NEW! These statement pieces will add some WOW to any outfit. A great size to get noticed without being too large. Each organically contoured Pippi inspired shape hangs beautifully beneath a pebble to display your new art perfectly!

  • features art from Jen Sievers original piece “All in a Dream”
  • reversible panels have artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other - choose which way to wear them!
  • sterling silver hook
  • 7cm long x 1.6cm wide
  • 5 grams each
  • Australian Made in Currumbin Queensland.

We are very excited to bring to you our first artist collaboration from over the ditch! Jen Sievers is a New Zealand Artist and author, based in Auckland. She uses acrylic paints with fresh colours and playful brush strokes, infused with soul. Jen has a passion for the abstract, and her style is constantly evolving.

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