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Fish Pocket Knife - Purple

Intriguing objects don’t need to be so because they’re strange…they can also be highly beautiful, especially in the hands of Areaware and their impressive league of designers.

Located in New York City, Areaware makes a whole bunch of fascinating products that are functional, enjoyable, poetic and most importantly, receive an emotional response. How often do everyday objects pull all that off?

Perfect for fishing, camping trips and outdoorsy types, this Fish Pocket Knife puts the fun in functionality. Made from smooth beech wood, with a steel bottle opener tail and a pocket knife that doubles as a fin, this is pocket knife is a must-have accessory for modern adventurers!

Fish Pocket Knife features:

  • Designed by Axel Brechensbauer in New York City.
  • Made from beech wood and steel.
  • Steel tail doubles as a bottle opener.
  • Sharp steel pocket knife flips out from the head of the fish.
  • Hand wash recommended and oil as needed.